Biomechanical Engineer

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Biomechanical Engineer
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Attach synthetic bits to meaty bits.
Difficulty: Easy to Hard
Access: Infirmary, Robotics, Robotics Operating Theater
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Alternative names: N/A
Civ branch ranks: Contractor

The Biomechanical Engineer is primarily concerned with repairing, upgrading, and handling all bio-synthetic crew (like FBPs) on board. They are also responsible for placing brains into MMI’s and anything involving augments.

As part of the Medical department, the Biomechanical Engineer answers to the Chief Medical Officer.

The Role

Much like the Roboticist, almost all of their work will take place within the Robotics laboratory. This lab contains a variety of fabricator units suitable for the production of anything required for the job as well as various other supplies suitable for the production and maintenance of cyborg units. At any given moment, the Biomechanical Engineer's primary concern is generally to repair whatever Full Body Prosthetics need repairing or helping out various crew members with damaged prosthetics. When that is not required, they generally concern themselves with installing augments.

Both Biomechanical Engineers and Roboticists should work hand-in-hand. If both are hard at work, give the other person priority to work with law-bound synthetics and mechs. If they are not around or are incapacitated, a Biomechanical Engineer can be more than capable to work with those.

Cyborgification and Full-Body Prosthetics

Occasionally, Medical may receive a patient that simply cannot be saved through normal means. On rarer occasions, something more unusual may come up. In either case, the Roboticist may be tasked with taking a patient's brain and implanting it into a new, synthetic body.

Usually, the ship's Physicians will handle the surgery necessary to actually extract the brain from the body, but the Biomechanical Engineer can perform this operation if asked to or otherwise needed. Once the brain has been extracted and placed within an MMI, the Biomechanical Engineer must assemble a full-body prosthetic or cyborg shell to implant it into, thus giving the player a new body to use.

Research and You

When the shift begins, Robotics has fairly limited production capabilities. What augments and other units can be produced depends on the ship's Scientists undertaking Research and Development work to raise the tech levels of the ship, then syncing their work with the ship servers to make it available to the Robotics machines. In essence, the more work Research does, the more impressive the things that Robotics can produce. The two departments therefore share something of a symbiotic relationship, and it is important for the two of them to coordinate when certain supplies are urgently needed.

It is common practice for more experienced Scientists to ask Robotics for three exosuit-mounted syringe guns for use in Research and Development, among other supplies. When the supplies are available, it may be prudent for a Roboticist or Biomechanical Engineer to directly inquire with Research about producing these in advance, in order to speed things up.


Traitoring as a Biomechanical Engineer is fun and easy, especially since you spawn with flashes and authorization (and, often, encouragement) to build very dangerous machines. You have access to quite an array of valuable supplies from the get-go, and, if anything more is required, you can easily Emag your various creations before sending them out onto the ship to sow chaos and madness. Doing this to a cyborg unit (after unlocking and opening the cover beforehand) will result in your very own homicidal robot slave, to do with as you please.