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Lore is defined on Baystation 12 as anything regarding the story and background of the Baystation 12 universe. It is written by a community team. There are special rules regarding lore pages.

Editing rules

  1. Do not change the core idea of content. Any major changes will not be acceptable. We discourage removing information, try reworking it so it is more presentable instead.
  2. Do not add your own content without a reference. You cannot add content unless you reference an approved document (such as a forum post) in the talk page / discussed it with an administrator. Any additions to the lore must be approved through the forums. Do not use the wiki reference system for this unless you plan to upload the document.
  3. Species pages can only be edited for minor changes. Species pages are not to be touched for any structural changes, minor edits are okay. Scope includes anything directly involving the species (such as a home planet.) You can request edits through the species maintainer.
  4. You may rework a page so it is more presentable. Major changes to how it is presented, structural changes and presentation means are allowed. Changing the core idea is not.
  5. You can use a sub-page to add content. You may wish to add your own content. Use a sub-page to request additions, and then the forum to finalize the request.


  • All template messages.
  • Multi-page templates (Example : template:Infobox species)
  • Talk pages.
  • Species information present on other articles. (For the species maintainer and deputies only.)
  • If removing, adding or changing information is required for the article to be consistent and accurate to other articles (does not apply to species pages.)

Approved and unapproved template

To comply to these rules, there is an approved and unapproved template. They have certain requirements:


  • The content was not reviewed by a senior lore administrator prior to or after page creation.
  • The page did not comply with the manual of style's lore rules.
  • The page had core content changed and the tagger requests a re-review.

Pages that had no input or no direct proof that they were approved are given this tag. These can sometimes be given by mistake. Simply provide proof or ask a senior administrator to comment on the article stating that it was approved, if major changes were made, the tagger will usually indicate these to the lore senior administrator.

Pages with this tag are considered totally non-canon unless otherwise specified by a member of staff. In other words, do not use the content in the article in the game!


  • The content was made in conjunction with or made by a lore senior administrator.
  • The page was already approved through the forums or another medium.

Species pages

Species pages and subpages are owned by the relevant species maintainer. The species maintainer is responsible for maintaining their pages, thus, they are responsible for content within their articles regardless of who wrote it or when.