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This page brings together all maintenance-related items and statistics. Mouse over the underlined words for help.

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Problem #
   Delete pages 52    
   No image 1,281    
   Script error 3    
   Lore issues 1    

Has status  [?]
170 / 304

Stub WIP Cleanup Patrolled Good Unranked Total (line) Total (auto)
   Stub    WIP    Cleanup    Patrolled    Good
General 12 od 39 ud 58 gd 7 sd 165 of 165
Unspecified 54 sb 0 ur 54 -1 ghost articles (help/edit)
Ghost articles -1‎ -1‎
Total 54 12 39 58 7 -1 A discrepancy exists between this total and the total to the right. There may be uncategorized pages, pages missing required templates, or redirect pages which include templates/categories, or the number of ghost articles may need to be recalculated. See the note on ghost articles above right.  169 304
Page statistics
Content pages 304
All pages 8,485
Uploaded files 4,086
Edit statistics
Page edits 17,126
Edits/page 2.02
User statistics
Registered users (list) 207
Active users (list) 2
Bots 1
Administrators 12
Bureaucrats 5
Autopatrollers 0
Administrator tools
Block Unblock
Mass delete Undelete
User rights Upload
Unwatched pages
Deleted contributions
An easter egg
My account

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