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Baystation 12 maintenance is a task anyone can perform. It involves:

  • Tagging pages
  • Moderating talk pages
  • Repairing templates
  • Formatting pages
  • Patrolling new edits

... and other miscellaneous tasks.


Article tagging

"Tagging" an article means to add a template which categorizes the page and adds notices. This is to more easily identify pages which need the most work or have specific problems that need to be addressed.

Maintenance tags

Maintenance tags are any of the following:

  • Stub - For articles that lack content.
  • Clean up - For articles that have issues which need to be addressed.
  • Patrolled - For articles that are "good enough."
  • Good Article - For good articles.

These four tags represent the status of an article - when you tag an article, it automatically updates the maintenance panel and informs users of the status of the article. To apply a template, simply look at the requirements below and apply the template.


  • The article has a lack of content necessary for the topic
  • The article does not have all the required information for completion
  • The article is a draft

Clean up

  • The article has formatting, grammar or phrasing errors
  • The article has a multitude of minor issues
  • Excessive amounts of Manual of Style violations
  • The article's tone is informal
  • Article has incorrect or confusing layout

... And many more. In general, you should apply a cleanup tag when there are issues that cannot be fixed in a timely manner or may require the original author's intervention.


  • The article is mostly complete
  • The article has no obvious issues

Good article

  • The article is near-perfect in regards to completion
  • The layout, grammar, template, and table usage is good
  • The article makes sense and is comprehensive

... and many more. You should apply this tag when you believe an article does not require further work and is considered "complete."

Misc. tags

There are a variety of other maintenance tags that are not looked at by the maintenance panel - these are general warnings for an article, usually put alongside a cleanup.

Un-applying tags

You can un-apply a tag if you believe that an article has completed the requirements to fix the tag, or if you believe the tag is no longer necessary. Maintenance tags cannot be removed, rather, they must be replaced with another maintenance tag.

If an issue occurs where the tag's validity is brought into question, it should always be discussed on the talk page before removal. If no discussion attempt is made it may be considered Edit warring - that being said, use your best judgment and assume good faith. If discussion cannot come to a compromise, the final decision is the administrators.

Template creation and issue repair

A good maintenance task is converting existing templates to lua. lua is faster, easier and more powerful than an average template. This may not be necessary for a template that is performing a simple function (such as retrieving the current time.) You can fix existing issues with templates by reviewing talk pages.

Sometimes a template may not exist at all. Look for where you could apply a template to make an article easier to read and edit - a good sign of needing a template is when the article uses HTML code.