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Baystation 12 Lore

This tutorial is designed to teach you how to make new lore. If you wish to submit new lore, visit here. In this tutorial, we will cover what content is appropriate, basic wiki rules, how to interlink your lore and create it in such a way that is enjoyable for everyone.


Before you immediately begin writing, it's important to plan out your content. Remember that you are creating lore for an existing universe, changing too much or making something radically different then what is already on the Wiki will result in a bad proposal. The first step you should always accomplish is reading the current lore and familiarizing yourself with it's inner workings.


The first step in creating your lore is choosing a topic. The topic can be anything from a colony to a new concept. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. How broad is my topic? If your topic is too broad, it may be difficult to come up with the appropriate pages. The larger the concept, and the less likely it is to be accepted.
  2. How relevant is my topic? If your topic is too niche, it may not be of interest to a great many readers.
  3. Who is my target audience? Although there are a great many different types of people on Baystation 12, consider that the topic may be of only interest to a small group of people. Discuss with your peers if the topic interests them.
  4. Has my topic been done before? Has your topic already been done on the Wiki specifically? For example, is it just another mining colony? These pages may already be overdone and result in bloat articles.
  5. What does my lore link with? Can you link your Lore with other topics? If you can include the events or locations of your lore in other articles, you greatly increase not only the interest of your own article, but other articles as well.

If you are too broad, too irrelevant and only have a small audience, the likelihood of your lore being accepted lowers drastically. At Baystation 12 it is our job to create interesting lore - we do not want to bog down the readers with a multitude of random information that seemingly has no connection with one another.

Vomit draft

Begin writing by creating a vomit draft. Just write. Don't bother with grammar, spelling, details, etc. This first draft should never make it to the final submission. Use it to jot down notes and create your lore. It should be disorganized and simply just putting your imagination straight to the paper. Not everything on this draft will make it to what your final submission may be, however, you can use it as a reference to your final product. Just follow these notes:

  • Don't worry about keeping it neat, clean up later.
  • Start in the middle. Connect with your topic at a later point.
  • There is nothing saying you can't change it half way through.

Creating a vomit draft prevents hesitation, and reduces the chances of you losing interesting thoughts. If you are writing a bit more complex lore, such as history, you may wish to start off with an outline and then a vomit draft.

Writing your proposal

Once you have completed planning you are now ready to begin writing. Keep in mind the following:

  • Your lore will eventually become a wiki article. If it is not in the game, that means you must write the wiki article. Wiki editors will not write it for you, but will help you format it and make sure it follows the Manual of Style.
  • You are trying to make the lore administrator happy. The lore administrator is the sole person in charge of approving your lore, if it is not within their parameters for a good article it will not make it through.
  • You are expected to maintain your lore. If your lore becomes outdated for whatever reason, you should be the one to fix it. If not, it is at risk of eventually becoming obsolete.

Increasing your footprint

While writing, remember this is a Wiki. That means players will only be able to access your article if it is linked too. Whether this be a navbox or a link from another article, this is the only way players will be able to access your lore.

To increase your footprint, you need to begin connecting your lore with other articles. This means by giving your lore purpose and meaning and giving reason for having more links to other articles, and them to link to you. For an example, try creating an event that connects your lore to another page. Remember that linking to other articles not only increases your footprint, but other articles as well, creating a more interesting codex as a result.

If you have no links or connections with other pieces of lore, you are at a higher risk of being denied.

Making it encyclopedic

Also remember that this is a wiki. The only way it works is if you make your content encyclopedic in nature. That means no first person writing. You can learn more by following the wiki writing guides. In a nutshell, just follow the manual of style and you should be fine.

Adding documents

You can add documents to further enrich your lore. These are special page types which allow you to write as if it were in-universe style. Like a book, recording, or etc.

Common mistakes

  • Making your content too overly detailed: making your lore overly detailed detracts from the main purpose of lore on the wiki (creating stories in-game) and the overall realism of your article is actually lowered by being overly detailed. Overly detailed content can include; using mathematical formula, explaining how a machine works in great detail, etc.
  • Forgetting to link: not linking your article on other articles isn't a good thing. How can people find your article if there isn't anyway to get to it?
  • Making it too long: not to be confused with making it too detailed, you can also make your article too long. Not only is this against general wiki regulations, it also makes readers more likely to ignore your page.
  • Making it too generic: you may think you are being unique, but perhaps we don't want to see another mining colony - we refer to this as bloat. Creating a location purely so that your characters's lore or actions is more justified is generally frowned upon (and trust us: we can tell when you are doing this.) Use the search bar to look for similar articles.
  • Getting too into it: overlong composition and poor writing results from not taking a step back and taking an objective stance to your own work. Try the vomit draft method before submitting. If you have trouble doing this, get an editor to look over your completed submission.