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Hello, welcome to the locations hub.

Manual of Style

Title format for locations and categories should be (as applicable:)


Example : SEV Torch Deck 4 Docking Ports---Syndicate Station

Larger areas with multiple locations should be grouped, then pages made individually. For example : SEV Torch Deck 4 Docking Ports. These areas should be given an imagemap to help guide players around - the navbox for such locations should be subcategorized.

The "rooms" of an area ALL must have their own (at minimum) level-3 heading and an image. Do not try to describe the rooms too heavily, as it may be impractical to do so. Try to have a list of important or interesting objects if you need to expand the section.


Infobox Template

Locations Project
SEV Torch
SEV Torch Deck 4
Connected Areas Escape Pods, Deck 3 Stairwell
Clearance Everyone
Purpose Area for other ships to dock to the SEV Torch

Located at the top of every page. Areas not used will not appear. Will default to page name.

{{Infobox Location
| location         =     The ship or away location this area is at.
| deck             =     The deck, if applicable. 
| clearance        =     Clearance level of the area.
| image            =     File link 
| imagemap         = Imagemap MAPNAME    Remove "Imagemap" if you wish to use a caption instead.
| imagesize        =     Custom size if necessary (If the image is very long, for example.)
| areas            =     These are the areas the area is connected to.
| purpose          =     Purpose of the area.
| related          =     Related articles.
| alternate_name   =     Alternative title.


{{Infobox Location
| location         = SEV Torch
| deck             = Deck 4
| clearance        = Everyone 
| image            = sevdocking.png
| imagemap         = Imagemap Torchd4s
| imagesize        = 
| areas            = [[SEV Torch Deck 4 Escape Pods|Escape Pods]], [[SEV Torch Deck 3 Stairwell Access|Deck 3 Stairwell]]
| purpose          = Area for other ships to dock to the SEV Torch
| related          = 
| alternate_name   =  
{{Infobox Location
| location         = 
| deck             = 
| clearance        = 
| image            = 
| imagemap         = 
| imagesize        = 
| areas            = 
| purpose          = 
| related          = 
| alternate_name   = 


{{navbox SEV Torch}}

Located at the bottom of every page.


All locations project pages can be viewed here.

Be sure to edit or remove any # symbols as necessary. You should ALWAYS have the [[category:Locations]] category!

[[category:SEV Torch]] , [[category:SEV Torch Deck #]]