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When the server updates the map, the maps need to be updated. Our system allows us to just update one image, however, it comes with strict regulations.

Updating a deck map

Follow the instructions on Deck 5 corresponds to z level 1 and 2 to deck 4 etc.

Once you have a PNG image of the deck, ensure that:

  • The image is true resolution of the deck. Each tile should be 32x32 pixels.
  • The image is below 2 MB - do not use dithering compression methods or scaling. This will result in extreme blurriness when the image is scaled down.
  • The image resolution is 3840 x 2400 - this may change over time if decks grow or shrink in total size, so be sure to check back to this page for the latest resolution. Check that the deck is anchored from the center of the deck. To make sure, crop the image to furthest edge of the deck and then change the canvas size (not image size) to the correct resolution anchored from the center.

Since our caching system is slow and will not allow you update locations properly, do not upload a new version of the file. Instead, find the original redirect and redirect it to the file which you will upload. Filenames should be SEV Torch Deck X 20xx 01 01 this will prevent overwriting files and give a good, descriptive filename. Once you have updated your map, check every location page for the deck that you updated to ensure that none of the coordinates are no longer valid or incorrect.

Making a new sprite sheet

You will need to make a new sprite sheet prior to relinking locations.

  1. Click the Sprite sheet tab.
  2. Add at least 2 rows and 2 columns (less is better.)
  3. Click save
  4. Click (do not drag) on any tile
  5. Add any name and click "saved name" - this will throw an error but will save the spritesheet.

Your sprite sheet is now ready for use. You will need to re-link all pages to your new file(s). Redirects will not function correctly on the pages affected. Use a "replace-all" to quickly fix pages.

Updating coordinates

We use coordinates to find splice image locations. This reduces strain on both the user, server and editors. To update the coordinates, you need to access the "spritesheet" of the image.

Room re-positioning

If for whatever reason a room needs to be moved or re-positioned:

  1. Go to the sprite sheet
  2. Click and drag the area you wish to focus on. Be sure to include the entire perimeter of the room you are focusing on and include a .5x additional area past the perimeter to ensure that you do not accidentally cut off anything.
  3. Follow the documentation at template:Slice cell

If all of the rooms are out of position, it may be an error in how you cropped / expanded your file. Check to make sure that the resolution is correct. If not, it may be that the deck has changed sized and all rooms need to be re-positioned.

Image map re-positioning

The topmost version of decks include an image map for easy navigation. Goto to create or update an image map.