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Before you start

  • Distinguish a guide from an article. A guide is when you are giving instructions to a person, thus, you use statements such as "you" "you can" etc. An article is when you are describing something, such as a job. These are NOT guides and you are not giving instructions to the player. Describe the job and anything important relating to them. Not how to play it. It's important to distinguish player guides are for opinionated information, whereas job descriptions are fact. You can make a player guides for jobs, not wiki articles.

Pages needing a complete rewrite

These pages need to be completely rewritten and restarted. Don't be afraid to blank a page to restart it.

Pages needing updating

These pages are OK but need updating to fit new wiki standards and/or fix outdated content.

Pages that need writing

These pages don't exist, or have not been imported yet. (We would prefer if you just rewrote them!)

Pages in draft

These pages are currently in draft and could use some help or input.