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Read me first! Guide to Contributing to the Wiki


  • What pages need re-writing and updating?
Visit the article grading page.
  • Why did we need a new wiki? Why didn't we just edit the old one?
The purpose of the new wiki is to give new structure and remove older articles which set bad examples. Always use the new guide while editing pages. It also encourages new editors to make changes they otherwise would have thought was correct.
  • How do I become apart of the wiki-team?
Make enough good edits consistently and you will be contacted about if you want to be added. This will give you access to a discord channel where you can coordinate more easily with other editors. No, your one guide you wrote isn't good enough. Fix content, maintain the wiki and help organize and then you will be added.
  • I'm not sure how my content should be structured.
When in doubt, check how Wikipedia, or a Gamepedia site does it. We probably do the same.
  • How do I use Wiki mark-up?
Wiki Markup is the language that wikis use on their articles. We also use lua for more advanced modules. You can learn about markup from Wikipedia.


Fixing, remaking and reviewing articles that are either out of date or require reworking to better fit the new theme.

First Priority

The following pages are under scope:

  • Pages with out of date information.
  • Pages with missing items.
  • Pages with broken or outdated templates.

The following should be assessed for every page before working on content:

  • Determine what information needs updating.
  • Determine if the page should be deleted, rewritten or updated.

Second Priority

The following pages are under scope:

  • Pages that are difficult to read.
  • Pages without templates or pictures.

The following should be assessed for every page before working on content:

  • Determine why the article is difficult to read or requires more templates / pictures.
  • If the content needs to be rewritten, updated or deleted.


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