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Mix and serve drinks. Entertain the crew.
Difficulty: Very Easy
Access: Bar
Related guides: Guide to Drinks

The Bartender is the Torch's premiere dispenser of alcohol. They have the vital duty of keeping the crew too inebriated to fully comprehend the horrors of their day-to-day lives aboard the ship - at least, during their off hours.

As part of the Service department, the Bartender answers to the Executive Officer.

The Role

The Bartender, appropriately enough, will spend most of any given shift within the Bar itself, inside the mess hall on Deck Three. Together with the Cook, they perform the vital duty of keeping the various personnel on board the ship fed, happy, and drunk.

Most of the Bartender's actual job consists of taking drink orders from visiting personnel, mixing the drink according to the recipe found in the Guide to Drinks, and handing it over to be consumed. Asking for payment and, indeed, washing the glass afterward are both entirely optional. Many Bartenders will also role-play with the various patrons who come to drink at their establishment, and coordinate with the Cook to provide, say, the perfect steak-and-martini combo for a Crewman down on his luck.

Do note that consuming too much alcohol can be detrimental to one's health. If someone in the bar is drinking extensively, it may be a good idea to inform Medical that ethylredoxrazine should probably be kept on standby.