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Usages Fabricates items
Description It produces items using metal, glass, plastic, and aluminum. It has a built in shredder that can recycle most items, although any materials it cannot use will be wasted.
System data
Name autolathe
Icon icons/obj/stationobjs.dmi
Icon State autolathe
Last System Data Access 11/12/2017

Not to be confused with the Protolathe. An autolathe is a fabricator of the not-so-fancy, but still necessary basic tools and materials. It must be filled with a certain amount of metal or glass before being able to create these items, and it can also break down these items into glass and metal if needed. To feed items into the autolathe click on it with the item. An Autolathe can be hacked to make more items some of which are countrband.

List of Available Items '