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SCGA insignia

The Sol Central Government Army is the SCG's main land force. The Army is responsible for handling any ground conflicts and many peacekeeping missions that the SCG may be engaged in. Smaller than the Fleet, with only a partial full time component, much of the Army is composed of reservists and, in times of large scale war, is authorized to draft and integrate the regular Planetary Defence Forces (PDFs) in order to be able to scale up their military as-required. While not as famous or as glamorous as the Fleet the Army is never the less a respected part of the military, though one which is often looked down on by the Fleet because of their reliance on reservists.


  • 2440: The Sol Central Government Army is established, along with the rest of the Sol Central Government, from the reorganisation of the Army forces of the former Terran Commonwealth, forming the basis of the new SCG DF Army. Unlike the Fleet however, it does not fully combine. Instead, a small standing force is established, while the rest of the various planets armies go on to form their Planetary Defence Forces (PDF's).
  • 2540: The SCG Army undergoes its bi-annual joint military exercise in Victor's Star. What seems to be an accident kills then Field Marshal Barnabas Kowalski.
  • 2544: Elements of the 1st Infantry Division are deployed to Gaia on a peacekeeping mission as it votes to join the SCG. Colonel Louis Montgomery is in charge of Peacekeeping operations.
  • 2545: The Gaia Conflict begins, and the SCG Army detachment on Gaia is caught by surprise. They are saved only by the fortunate arrival of manpower and supplies from the First Fleet. Smaller Army detachments across now occupied systems surrender.
  • 2546: The Army begins full mobilisation and absorbs a number of planetary PDF's. Reservists are called up.
  • 2549: The Army lands on Gaia.
  • 2550: The Gaia Conflict ends in a stalemate with neither side being in a position to continue. the Army demobilises and its attached PDF's return home. Large portions of regulars remain on Gaia, occupying the DMZ line.

Current Organization

One of two full time divisions in the SCG Army, the 1st is most notably tasked with rotating troops through the Gaian DMZ. It also functions as the PDF for Earth directly and provides many of the ceremonial detachments and garrisons many major Sol establishments.

1st Infantry Division

2nd Infantry Division

The 2nd performs the bulk of non-Gaia peacekeeping and staffing work, and is deployed to a wide variety of locations where it mainly performs peacekeeping missions or engages in training exercises with Planetary Defence Forces.

3rd Infantry Division (Reserve)

As a reserve division, the 3rd is only activated during times of need and is otherwise not an active component of the Army. Its members are, however, mustered every six months for training and refersher weeks.

4th Infantry Division(Reserve)

The 4th functions much like the third, and is inactive in peacetime.

1st Cavalry Division

1st Cav are operationally active and full-time, and as such, are regularly engaged in many duties similar to the 1st and 2nd Infantry divisions.

2nd Cavalry Division (Reserve)

1st Armored Division

Maritime Corps

The Maritime Corps represents the waterborne navy component of the Army, and is responsible for fighting naval battles on the planet.