Anesthetic tank

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Anesthetic tank
Usages N/A
Description A tank with an N2O/O2 gas mix.
Force 5
Active damage
System data
Path /obj/item/weapon/tank/anesthetic
Name anesthetic tank
Icon Path icons/obj/tank.dmi
Icon State anesthetic
Last System Data Access


Flavor Text "None"
Antagonist Text "Each tank may be incited to burn by attaching wires and an igniter assembly, though the igniter can only be used once and the mixture only burn if the igniter pushes a flammable gas mixture above the minimum burn temperature (126�C). Wired and assembled tanks may be disarmed with a set of wirecutters. Any exploding or rupturing tank will generate shrapnel, assuming their relief valves have been welded beforehand. Even if not, they can be incited to expel hot gas on ignition if pushed above 173�C. Relatively easy to make, the single tank bomb requries no tank transfer valve, and is still a fairly formidable weapon that can be manufactured from any tank."