Airlock brace

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Airlock brace
Brace open.png
Usages N/A
Description A sturdy device that can be attached to an airlock to reinforce it and provide additional security.
Force 0
Active damage
System data
Path /obj/item/weapon/airlock_brace
Name airlock brace
Icon Path icons/obj/airlock_machines.dmi
Icon State brace_open
Last System Data Access


Flavor Text "None"
Antagonist Text "None"

An Airlock brace is a device that, when applied to a door, prevents it from opening.

To install an airlock brace:

- Swipe an ID through the brace

- Set the desired access

- Click on the airlock with the brace

To remove an airlock brace:

- If you have access:

- - Click on the airlock brace

- If you lack access:

- - Click on the brace with a [maintenance jack] (if you don't have one, call engineering.)

- - Alternatively, attack the brace until it is destroyed.