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Usages Controls power in an area
Description Controls power in an area
System data
Name APC
Icon State apc
Last System Data Access 11/12/2017
APC power control screen

The Area Power Controller (APC) is a wall-mounted machine that controls the power in a room. It is connected via a terminal on the floor below it. An ID with access can unlock the APC, which allows you to disable all of its power (Main Breaker), or disable Equipment, (Machinery and anything requiring power), Lighting, or Environment, (Pumps, Vents, and Doors).

Disabling the Cover Lock allows you to use a crowbar and access the main power cell.

Construction Requires
Apc.png APC 2xMetal.png,Powercell.png,Wrench.png,CableCoils.png,Screwdriver4.png,Crowbar.png,Circuitboard.png
  1. Metal.png Use metal to make an APC frame and use the frame on the wall you want it on.
  2. CableCoils.png Add wire to the assembly.
  3. Circuitboard.png Add power control module to the assembly.
  4. Screwdriver4.png Screwdriver the assembly.
  5. Powercell.png Add powercell to assembly.
  6. Crowbar.png Use crowbar to shut.
  7. Use an ID card to open the APC and turn the main beaker on.
  1. Swipe card to unlock APC
  2. Remove the power cell.
  3. Screwdriver4.png Screwdriver the assembly.
  4. Crowbar.png Lift the floorboards in front of the APC.
  5. Wirecutters.png Wirecut the assembly.
  6. Crowbar.png Crowbar the assembly to remove the control.
  7. Welderon.gif Use the welder to remove the APC from the wall.
  8. (Optional) Wrench the frame to remove it.