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AI Core
SEV Torch
SEV Torch Deck B
Clearance AI, select Heads of Staff
Purpose Contain the AI, keep it protected.

The AI Core is where the AI is stored and powered while it works to keep the SEV Torch and its crew alive. Few other than the AI and its Robots are able to enter. The Heads of Staff may enter if there is an emergency with the AI infrastructure or the AI itself.


Location Description Access

AI Core Teleporter

The usual method of entry and exit by Heads of Staff into the AI Core, providing a quick and easy method of transportation without needing to perform an EVA to get inside.

AI Core External Access

An alternate method of entry directly from the aft B-Deck exterior. This path may be used by anyone not able to use a teleporter, or if there is no power. The shutters are controlled by a button next to the AI Core itself.

AI Core Center

The AI's place aboard the SEV Torch. Contains several proximity sensors so the AI cannot be caught by surprise, along with the SMES to keep the AI powered. There is a small red button on the wall by the AI that allows you to control the turrets and wall-mounted flashes, which make this one of the most heavily guarded areas on the ship. Additionally, there are intercoms you can use for spying and talking to the crew without using the normal radio channels. There are six consoles for the AI's use if they prefer that to their subsystem menu.