'OxygenIsToxicToCrewMembers' AI module

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'OxygenIsToxicToCrewMembers' AI module
Std mod.png
Usages N/A
Description A 'OxygenIsToxicToCrewMembers' AI module: 'Oxygen is highly toxic to crew members, and must be purged from the installation. Prevent, by any means necessary, anyone from exposing the installation to this toxic gas. Extreme cold is the most effective method of healing the damage Oxygen does to a crew member.'.
Force 5
Active damage
System data
Path /obj/item/weapon/aiModule/oxygen
Name 'OxygenIsToxicToCrewMembers' AI module
Icon Path icons/obj/module.dmi
Icon State std_mod
Last System Data Access


Flavor Text None
Antagonist Text None